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SG Interests, formed in 1989, is a privately owned enterprise primarily engaged in the oil & natural gas exploration and production business. SG’s majority owner is the family of Russell Gordy through various family owned entities. SG is managed and controlled by its founder Russell Gordy. SG owns oil & gas, coal and other mineral interests throughout the United States. SG’s primary oil and gas operations are in the Piceance Basin of Colorado, the San Juan Basin of New Mexico and Southeast Texas.



SG has a multitude of other non-core businesses, including cattle ranching, real estate investments, compressor sales and service, homebuilding and helicopter chartering.  SG has approximately 120 employees.  SG’s business model is to find low risk prospects to drill and develop in a more efficient low cost manner than larger organizations.

Russell Gordy


Shaun Gordy


Sharin Scott


Robert Guinn

President and Managing Partner


Vice President, Operations




Vice President, Land

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